October 25, 2019

The importance of human systems hacking in reversing global warming

by: Leigh Baker

Talking TO someone is just so much better than staring at myself in a video screen.  (Great change from writing, too).  When they ask real questions too – so I have a better sense of what interests THEM and what THEY want to know about – it's even more fun.

It’s much easier to explain what you do / why you do it  in an audio recording where you're talking TO someone – especially with a good listener like Mark Spencer of Climactic.fm   His questions get me out of my habitual patterns, reminding me what a crucial communications skill LISTENING is.

I sat down to talk with Mark about "the how of the how" of reversing global warming - getting smarter at innovating the human systems that underpin the delivery of the products and services we use every day.

Despite what 20th century thinkers will tell you, global warming is something we can all act on. Our individual actions compound into worthwhile results when they’re based on good information – especially when we multiply them with skilled innovation delivery.

Listen in to the conversation...


Hacking human systems for climate progress

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