1992 days until 2030 -
 Regeneration starts now.

The real inconvenient truth is...
we’re an inconvenient species.

Our multiple environmental messes - including climate change - are accelerating.   Yet we have a wealth of available, commercial. multi-benefit solutions. 

It's our human systems that are holding us back - because they're full of human-created "inconveniences".

Join me and explore the smart solutions developing from the “soft tech” revolution.  They're solutions that acknowledge that humans are weird AND teach us how to deliver change despite our inconvenient species.
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Recent Articles

July 21, 2020
Some key human inconveniences

This blog is a work-in-progress, sparked by ongoing conversations with serious, concerned, committed citizens who want REAL climate action. Again and again some key "everybody knows" assumptions come up - assumptions that (from my point of view) are as limiting as "the earth is the centre of the universe". I see the world from the […]

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July 15, 2020
Problem experts AREN'T always solutions experts

The top three climate change experts interviewed by Paul Hawken could not correctly name the top 5 solutions for reversing global warming.

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June 21, 2020
We come with our own built-in predators

Our inconvenient species has its own predators built in. Know their characteristics and you can better "blend around resistance".

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June 16, 2020
Thumbs over-rule thinking

Exploring the "rules of thumb" that get in the way of regenerative business innovation inside An Inconvenient Species

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on our challenges and our solutions:

Take your climate impact to a 
whole new level

Hi, I'm Leigh Baker - supply chain consultant turned regenerative business advocate.

The unspoken "inconvenient truth" about global warming is that we HAVE all the solutions we need. 

See Project Drawdown's list of 100 existing, scalable solutions – just one example among many solution sets from Biomimicry to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Unfortunately, humans are a truly inconvenient species. 

Our behaviour is dictated by our illogical, risk-averse, approval-seeking, short-termist neurobiology.

We can work smarter.
We'd get a whole lot further a whole lot faster if we accepted and worked with human nature, instead of operating on 20th century myths about logic and control.

So this blog (and my upcoming book) will explore our inconvenient nature and the wealth of tools that can enable faster, smarter innovation. Tools that deal with the reality of how we are and particularly how we AREN'T.
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